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  1. Amber Glass Salt Pepper Shaker Grapes Stand

    Salt and pepper shaker representing two hanging bunches of grapes The shakers are made of glass and the color is amber The stand is made of black metal Would be a nice addition to your table or your collection

    Highest Bid $2.00
  2. Bowl Filigree Stainless Steel Flower Basket

    Made of stainless steel with flowers appliques this lovely filigree bowl can serve as a fruit bowl or anything else but also as simple decoration so it is pretty and decorative by itself Measurement:  8 inches diameter X 3.25 inches

    Highest Bid $5.00
  3. Ustensil Bottle Caddy Holder Filigree Stainless Steel

    Filigree ustensils caddy made of stainless steel with flower appliques You may also use it as a wine bottle holder on your table, candles caddy etc. many use for this nice item Dimensions: 6 inches high X 4 inches sides

    Highest Bid $5.00
  4. Pet Bowl Scale Royal Canin Control Obesity Prevention

    Pet bowl Royal Canin with scale to control the quantities The bowl fits on the scale and is also used to serve the meals to your pet It allows to ration and especially to control the amount of food ingested by the animal (dog o

    Highest Bid $5.00
  5. Men’s Shaving Kit Gift Set Razor Badger Brush Le Case

    For a smooth, close shave here is a beautiful shaving kit with razor and badger hair brush by Le Case The razor uses replacement blades (not included), which can be found at any local pharmacy or grocery store The shaving soap

    Highest Bid $5.00
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